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Recommended books: The following books contain material that is useful to the study of critical reasoning the first informal and the second formal.

VAN DEN BERG (2010) Critical Reasoning and the Art of Argumentation. UNISA Press : Pretoria

COPI, I.M. (1979) Symbolic Logic, 5th Edition. Macmillan : New York

The following coffee table book is a wonderful whorl wind introduction to Philosopy; however no topic is covered in sufficient depth as to merit serious study. That said, it is still a remarkable book.

No author given (2011) The Philosophy Book. Dorling Kindersley Ltd. ISBN: 978-11-4053-5329-8

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy is an invaluable reference work with nearly 2000 entries by 249 distinguished philosophers. An excellent starting point for any investigation!

HONDERICH, T. Ed. (2005)The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, 2nd Edition. Oxford University Press : New York

Finally, the following philosophical fantasies are sheer reading pleasure.

GAARDER, J. (1996) Sophie’s World. Phoenix House : London

MORROW, J. (2007) The Philosopher’s Apprentice. Weidenfeld & Nicolson : UK

All other reading material: will be provided on-line.
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